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Get candle holders for as low as $1.99 with purchase of LUX rechargeable tea lights

Product Warranty Details

Rechargeable Candle Warranty


One of the main reasons why the hospitality industry loves The Amazing Flameless Candle is because we stand behind our product. You work in an industry where things get dropped, knocked off tables and bar tops and run through the dishwasher. You need candles that can stand up to this environment and that is exactly what we have created with our Performance Series and Classic Series candle systems.

Outlined here are the details of our warranty and how they apply to each of our premium rechargeable candle systems. Should you have any questions about our warranty, candles, lamps & holders or any of our premium LED products, feel free to Contact Us.

* Physical damage may consist of minor scratches, scrapes and dings resulting from routine use. The warranty will not cover significant damage resulting from detrimental or careless handling.
** Water damage may be caused by spilled drinks, rain or other incidental or accidental use and not purposeful misuse of the product. 

*** Candles must be charged every 3 months. Candles that are not charged within the 3 month period are not covered under warranty. 

LUX Series Rechargeable Candles

LUX Series

The LUX Series builds off the durability of the Performance Series, and packs in every in-demand feature requested. Each candle is compatible with our multifunctional remote, features a daily timer, ability to brighten or dim the light and a concealed charge indicator light. All this and more makes our LUX Series the most advanced candle on the market. Learn more »

Warranty Details
Warranty Period 2 YEARS
Manufacturing Defect *** YES
Physical Damage *
Water Damage **
Loss / Theft --

Performance Series Rechargeable Tea Lights

Performance Series

Our most durable rechargeable candle system featuring dual LED lights for realistic flicker effect, 24-hours of battery life and a fully waterproof, incredibly durable construction, all backed by an industry-leading two (2) year manufacturers warranty. If anything goes wrong with the candle, we’ll replace it! Simply put, its the last candle system you will ever need. Learn more »

Warranty Details
Warranty Period 2 YEARS
Manufacturing Defect YES
Physical Damage *
Water Damage ** No
Loss / Theft --

Classic Series Rechargeable Tea Lights

Classic Series

The first of its kind and still the class of the industry, the Classic Series features the same dual LED lights of the Performance Series with a similarly constructed durable frame. The pin charging system is incredibly and highly intuitive. Even though we offer a one (1) year warranty, many of the candles we installed ten years ago are still in daily use today! Learn more »

Warranty Details
Warranty Period 1 YEAR
Manufacturing Defect YES
Physical Damage *
Water Damage ** --
Loss / Theft --

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