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LUX Series Rechargeable Tea Light Collection

Performance Series Rechargeable Tea Light Collection

The most advanced rechargeable candle system ever developed

Designed from the ground up to perfectly serve the restaurant, hotel, cruise and spa industries we cater to, our LUX Series rechargeable candles are extra bright, highly durable, incredibly long lasting and backed by our 12 month warranty. The candle light features the brightest, most natural candle light color and flicker with a realistic flame shape designed to maximize glow throughout the candles 20-hour battery life. Use the include remote control to turn the candles on and off, set a 2, 4, 6 or 8-hour daily timer, switch between a static light of candle flicker, or brighten or dim the light. Candles are fully waterproof and great for both indoor and out.

The most economical way to purchase the LUX Series is to buy a starter set that includes the candles, charging base, multifunctional remote and power transformer all in a single bundle. Or, you can buy case of 6 candles a la carte.

The patented click-lock charging base construction locks candles into place with a dual ball bearing system creating the tightest connection possible while maximizing the transfer of energy to each candle. And the wall mountable charging base eliminates the need to sacrifice valuable counter space.

Candle Features

LUX Series Rechargeable Candle Features

LUX Series Candle Features

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LUX Series Rechargeable Candle Sets

$ 650.00

LUX Series Rechargeable Candle Sets

From $ 650.00 - $ 1,250.00
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LUX Series Rechargeable Candles (Case of 6)

$ 240.00
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Performance Series Charger Base

$ 190.00
These are individually packed charging bases for our most advanced, restaurant grade candle technology and are available in 12 and 24-position charging stations. NOTE: These are charging bases only and do not include the candles. Only our LUX Series and performance...

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Performance Series Charger Base

From $ 190.00 - $ 360.00
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Replacement Transformer Cable

$ 30.00
Replacement power transformer cable for both the Classic Series and Performance Series rechargeable candle systems with a 6-foot cable. Available options include 110v adapter for standard US wall outlets and 220v adapters for either standard UK or European wall outlets....

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