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LUX Series Rechargeable Candle Sets

The most realistic, longest lasting restaurant grade rechargeable candle system packed into an extra bright, remote compatible candle set of 12 or 24 candles, a charging base, remote and 110v US plug.

LUX is a commercial-grade system designed for over 4 years worth of every day use in a restaurant or hotel setting.



  • The most realistic rechargeable tealight found anywhere
  • Best in class two (2) year product warranty
  • Remote control
  • Automatic timer
  • Brightness settings
  • Flicker options
  • Significant cost savings over tea lights, fuel cells and pillar candles
  • Reduced hassle of lighting and maintaining candles every shift
  • Removal of the fire hazards associated with an open flame
  • Eliminated smoke and smell of candles that impact food flavors
  • Light color and flicker designed to mimic real candle flames
  • Shape of the light designed to maximize brightness and visibility

Our most advanced, restaurant grade candle technology packed into a complete set of 12 or 24 candles including a charging base and 110v US plug. Designed from the ground up to perfectly serve the restaurant, hotel, cruise and spa industries we cater to, our LUX Series rechargeable candles are extra bright, highly durable, incredibly long lasting and backed by our two year warranty. The candle light features the brightest, most natural light flicker with a natural flame shape designed to maximize glow throughout the candles and a battery life of up to 20-hours. With the included remote control you can easily turn the candles on and off, engage a 2, 4, 6 or 8-hour daily timer, dime or brighten the candle light, or switch between a static light or natural candle flicker. Candles are fully waterproof and great for both indoor and out.


The patented LUX Series charging base construction locks candles into place with a dual ball bearing system creating the tightest connection possible while maximizing the transfer of energy to each candle. And the wall mountable charging base eliminates the need to sacrifice valuable counter space.


    What Our Customers Say

    Don’t think we’re as great as we say we are? See what our customers are saying about The Amazing Flameless Candle.
    We used to work with another company, but always had problems with their candles. They wouldn’t even stay lit for an entire shift. Making the switch to The Amazing Flameless Candle has been excellent. The quality far exceeds our previous product and they are easy people to do business with.

    Christopher Deen
    General Manager, Morton's The Steakhouse (Baltimore)

    We had been trying to find candles that lasted a full 12-hour shift and for more than 6 months before going dim and giving out completely. We were constantly sending candles back with poor customer response. The candles from The Amazing Flameless Candle stay bright for the entire day and we haven't had any issues. We have them throughout the spa and in all treatment rooms. And we have been very impressed with their outstanding customer service!

    Isla Howard
    Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia

    Red Door Spas started using these rechargeable candles in all of our spas in 2007. Each spa uses the candles 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and many of those original candles we purchased are still in service 8 years later. And we have never had to replace a single charger.  I would recommend this product for reliability and longevity.

    Kate Murphy
    Facilities Manager, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa

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