It’s never too late to start a family ritual – and there’s no better time than the new year. Family rituals have been proven to promote a sense of security, identity and togetherness. We’re big fans of celebrating family rituals and our electric candles enhance the sense of occasion. From game night to group storytelling, here are some ways to create family rituals around candle light:


  • Family Dinner. Arguably the most important family ritual is sitting down to dinner together. With today’s busy schedules, it’s unreasonable to expect this on a daily basis. And that might diminish its impact anyways. So start with Sunday. Set the table nicely with flameless taper candles and dim the lights. Dinner does not have to be fancy – or even home cooked. Just prioritize Sunday as the evening you share a meal together. Perhaps have each person go around the table and mention something positive that happened to them the week prior – and something they look forward to in the week ahead.
  • Game Night. Get the family away from the television and playing together. Turn off the electronics, line the table with flameless candles, and find a board game that delights the whole family. (We like Taboo). As popular blogger My Super Charged Life notes: “Beyond just fun, these evenings are a chance for your kids to learn strategy, teamwork and sportsmanship.”
  • Storytelling. It’s one of the oldest pastimes in the world. But we’ve lost the art of storytelling somewhere along the line. Once a week – maybe after your family dinner – make a ‘fire pit’ with flameless candles. Place a large assortment - our remote-ready Smooth Ivory Flameless Pillar Candles would be perfect! - in a circle to create that campfire feel, and have each person tell a story. It’s a great way to gauge what’s been on your family’s mind, to sharpen those storytelling skills, and to bond in a time-honored fashion.
  • Crafting Time. Today’s kids are overstimulated. Nonstop electronic information and pixilation has proven to curtail creativity. Get their inner Picasso going with a monthly crafting session. Try any one of our fun flameless candle projects, like How To Make A Frosted Glass Candle Holder or Child Safe Candle Decorating. Pick a day – perhaps the first of the month – to make something. At the end of the year you have a series of goods that reflect it.
  • Holiday Decorating. This sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many families simply defer to mom these days to decorate the house for holidays. Make it a family ritual instead. From flameless candles in a jack-o-lantern to Christmas electric candles on the mantel, tree, driveway or table, there are so many ways the family can create ritual around holiday decorating. A day of hot chocolate, Christmas decorating and holiday tunes is something we look forward to every Black Friday. And who knows? The family ritual could become a tradition for generations to come.

Whatever sort of family ritual you choose to start – or continue – in 2013, keep it simple, keep it inexpensive, include everyone and incorporate candle light to reinforce that special sense of occasion.