One of the best parts about using flameless candles is that they do not burn or stain your candle vase or holders – which means you can decorate them! A fun D.I.Y. project for kids and adults is to frost glass candle holders and then place a flameless candle inside. It’s easy. Inspired by Crafting Mom, all you need to create a customized frosted glass candle holder is a can of Frosted Glass spray paint, stickers, decorative punches, and a glass vase or recycled jar.

Purchase decorative punches or stickers of your choice. For the holidays, you might choose snowflakes or candy canes, for Valentine’s Day, how about hearts? Stick them onto your glass vase or jar, and then spray paint the entire object (outdoors recommended). Allow the glass vase or jar to dry and then remove stickers slowly and completely. Voila! A frosty vase adorned with your choice of shapes, enhanced by the flicker of a flameless candle.