We often get asked if scented flameless candles are available, and the answer is most definitely yes. Our selection of flameless votive candles and pillar candles come in a variety of fragrant scents, including Vanilla, Mandarin Spice, Honeysuckle, Cinnamon, Bayberry and Breeze.

Vanilla and Cinnamon are popular for notes that trigger happiness and warmth – a feeling like home. Mandarin Spice is known as a more exotic scent. Honeysuckle is fitting for those who appreciate a light, fruity scent (they’re great for the kitchen), while our most popular fragrance is Breeze. A crisp, au naturel scent that conjures the outdoors, Breeze flameless candles are perfect for settings outside.

During the production process our flameless candles are infused with a scent that is specific to each candle and or collection. As the wax is handcrafted into shape, certain candles are infused with natural ingredients to imbue them with a scent. The smell is not overpowering like some other brands – it is a light, pleasant scent you detect from a few feet away. Beautiful, safe, subtle and sweet-smelling. That’s why we call them The Amazing Flameless Candles!