Like school flags, art posters, photo collages and mini fridges, candles are a classic college room staple. However, use or possession of candles is prohibited in most residence halls because of fire and safety hazard – which is a good thing – though it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy them, because our wax candles are flameless, powered by batteries instead. Definitely RA approved.


  • Study by candlelight (so as not to wake the roomie).
  • Show some school spirit with your university’s colors. Our cranberry pillar candles and white swan votives are a hit at Stanford.
  • Add an elegant touch to your room using our pillar candles as bookends.
  • Create a night light with a flameless candle in your floor’s communal kitchen.
  • Light a dozen little tea light flameless candles to celebrate the end of your least favorite course this semester.

No matter how you use them – from sprucing your dorm room to furthering your studies – The Amazing Flameless Candle is the smartest candle for college use. Gift Giving Tip: Candles make a great gift for a college student, your roommate or that special someone on your dormitory floor.


Photo courtesy of karapaslay