Candles foster a celebratory mood, and there is no better way to welcome guests during the holidays than with their radiant glow. Dinner tables, mantels and windows are traditionally adorned with candles, but with flameless candles, you can innovate lighting design. So, delight your visitors in new ways and with each step… literally.

Start with your driveway and front door walkway. Flameless candles are ideal for these outdoor and windy environments because the flames are battery operated and won’t blow out. One option is to fill white paper lunch bags with sand or a flat rock and place a flameless candle inside. We also love the clean, elegant look of candles in mason jars, too. You can use vintage, new or various sized jars – simply set a flameless candle inside. Then line the bags or jars along the periphery of the driveway and walkway. Program the candles to automatically light each day so you don’t have to trek outside in the cold to illuminate them one by one.

And don’t stop at the walkways, either. Some of the most beautiful outdoor candle decorations we’ve seen are lawn designs: swirly shapes, stars, even words like ‘Season’s Greetings’ spelled out on the ground in candlelight. You can achieve all this with our flameless candles using the vessel of your choice.

Finally, a glowing staircase makes a memorable entrance into a home. For interior steps, you can even forego the bags and jars, instead placing flameless pillars, votives or tea lights within hurricane glasses, on stands or small plates. Happy trails!