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Café Series Rechargable Tea Light Set

A value-packed set of 12 rechargeable tea lights including a remote and 12-position induction charging station.


Introducing our Cafe Series rechargeable tea lights. The Cafe Series is our most affordable rechargeable tea light solution designed to fit any budget. We don't recommend this system for the commercial restaurant environment due to it's less durable construction. 

Each Cafe Series purchase includes 12 rechargeable tea lights, one remote control and a 12-position charging base.


  • Twelve (12) hour battery life
  • Automatic timer
  • Remote control

High-quality, restaurant grade rechargeable flameless candles packaged and priced for your home or office use. This set of 12 rechargeable tea lights includes a charging base, power transformer and included remote control for added convenience. And using them couldn't be easier! Simply place a candle on the induction charging base and wait for the green light to illuminate on the top of the candle, indicating a full charge. You then have a full twenty (20) hours of light and full use of the included remote.

Charging Instructions

  • Plug power transformer into the outlet and charging station
  • Place candles on charging station
  • Red indicator light next to each candle will illuminate while charging
  • Total charge time is approximately eight (8) hours
  • Green indicator light will illuminate when fully charged
  • Full battery charge lasts twenty (20) hours

Cafe Series Candle Features


  • Naturally flickering candle light
  • Unscented tea lights
  • Includes on/off remote for added convenience
  • Easily connect two (2) charging stations together using only one power transformer
  • More than 8,000 hour life for light and lithium ion battery
  • Remote uses one (1) CR2025 battery lasting more than 8,000 hours
  • Recommended for indoor use only
  • 6-month (180 day) product warranty


Cafe Series Candle Colors

When you make the switch to flameless candles from an open flame lighting product, your business will likely see a signficant cost savings. When you consider the fact that the life of a flameless candle is at least 5 years, multiplying out the cost savings can be quite dramatic!

Cost Savings Calculator

Provide a few details to estimate your 5-year savings for switching to flameless candles.


over the first 5 years by swapping your current tabletop lighting solution to The Amazing Flameless Candle rechargeable tea lights.

Cost savings are estimates based on average market costs of traditional tea lights, fuel cells, wax pillars and votives. Actual savings will vary based on the price you are currently paying and which flameless candle product you select.

Smaller budgets seeking quality tabletop lighting have rejoiced at the site (and price) of our Cafe Series candle system. At a price well below that of most rechargeable candles, this set is packed with valuable features like a daily timer and included remote control, making them the best solution for venues not looking to invest so heavily in a candle system. Learn more »


Warranty Details
Warranty Period 180 Days
Manufacturing Defect YES
Physician Damage * --
Water Damage ** --
Loss / Theft --

* Physical damage may consist of minor scratches, scrapes and dings resulting from routine use. The warranty will not cover significant damage resulting from determinantal or careless handling.
** Water damage may be caused by spilled drinks, rain or other incidental or accidental use and not purposeful misuse of the product.

What Our Customers Say

Don’t think we’re as great as we say we are? See what our customers are saying about The Amazing Flameless Candle.
We used to work with another company, but always had problems with their candles. They wouldn’t even stay lit for an entire shift. Making the switch to The Amazing Flameless Candle has been excellent. The quality far exceeds our previous product and they are easy people to do business with.

Christopher Deen
General Manager, Morton's The Steakhouse (Baltimore)

We had been trying to find candles that lasted a full 12-hour shift and for more than 6 months before going dim and giving out completely. We were constantly sending candles back with poor customer response. The candles from The Amazing Flameless Candle stay bright for the entire day and we haven't had any issues. We have them throughout the spa and in all treatment rooms. And we have been very impressed with their outstanding customer service!

Isla Howard
Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia

Red Door Spas started using these rechargeable candles in all of our spas in 2007. Each spa uses the candles 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and many of those original candles we purchased are still in service 8 years later. And we have never had to replace a single charger.  I would recommend this product for reliability and longevity.

Kate Murphy
Facilities Manager, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa

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