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What Our Customers Say

Don’t think we’re as great as we say we are? See what our customers are saying about The Amazing Flameless Candle.
We had been trying to find candles that lasted a full 12-hour shift and for more than 6 months before going dim and giving out completely. We were constantly sending candles back with poor customer response. The candles from The Amazing Flameless Candle stay bright for the entire day and we haven't had any issues. We have them throughout the spa and in all treatment rooms. And we have been very impressed with their outstanding customer service!

Isla Howard
Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia

Comparison of Tabletop Lighting Options

Not only will flameless candles provide a stunning ambiance to your environment, but they will improve your bottom line, allowing you to make your investment back within six months and pocket the savings thereafter. The following estimates are based on 48 lights burning candles 7 hours a day, 7 days a week and have been calculated using published list prices.

The Amazing Flameless Candle

Flameless Candles

Cost Per Unit $31.25*
Avg. Burn Time 24 hours
Annual Cost $1,500
5-Year Total $1,500
Tea Lights

Tea Lights

Cost Per Unit $0.10
Avg. Burn Time 5 hours
Annual Cost $2,446
5-Year Total $12,230
Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

Cost Per Unit $0.92
Avg. Burn Time 36 hours
Annual Cost $3,125
5-Year Total $15,625
Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles

Cost Per Unit $1.80
Avg. Burn Time 36 hours
Annual Cost $6,115
5-Year Total $30,575

Cost Savings Calculator

To estimate the cost savings for your business, use the calculator below. Groups with multiple locations should factor in the total number of candles needed throughout all your locations.


over the first 5 years by swapping your current tabletop lighting solution to The Amazing Flameless Candle rechargeable tea lights.


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