We all know that candles make beautiful centerpieces on the tabletop, but have you ever considered other applications? We've scoured the web and identified 10 incredible candle displays that take ambiance to the next level and show you how you can recreate each look for yourself.

 Hang Tea Light Candles in Globes from a Tree

Courtesy of:  Swyyne

Look at the above photo.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?  This display created a stunning effect with some tea lights, glass globes, ribbon, and a tree as the backdrop.  To recreate this look, you can use our Lux Series rechargeable candles, which comes with a remote and will make it easier to turn the candles on-and-off, a glass globe and some silk ribbon.


 Hang Tea Light Candles from A Floral Centerpiece

Courtesy of: : Etsy MsDIYSupplies

Here is another great way to use the candles and glass globes for a floating effect as a centerpiece. Try our Lux Series rechargeable candles, and the glass globes seen above. They come in various sizes.  You can choose to fill your holders with water to give it even more of a floating effect while using our LUX rechargeable tea lights which are waterproof.


Hang Tea Light Candles in Lanterns Above Your Event

 Courtesy of:  Pinterest

Here is an incredible night out to remember.  Nothing lights up the darkness like several lights as you see here. Paper lanterns are used instead of glass globes which sets the tone for a classy, romantic yet relaxed atmosphere.  For the candles, we suggest using our Lux Series rechargeable candles, paper lanterns and Ivory Artisan Wax Luminaries for the table settings.


Create Illuminated Letters With Flower Petals and Tea Lights 

  Courtesy of:  You Sense

What better way to show the one you love how you feel with a romantic candlelit dinner alongside something that is unique and stands out above the rest using tealights to express yourself?  To help recreate this message of love, you can use our Lux Series rechargeable candles, and flower petals.


...Or Create Illuminated Letters With Only Tea Lights 


Courtesy of:  Wedding Estates

Make a scene with your loved one.  Don’t propose like everyone else!  You will have to build the stage on your own or with professional help but in regards to getting your message across, set this scene and use our Lux Series rechargeable candles and our Smooth White Wax Luminaries to tell the one you love how you really feel.


Use Paper Bags and Tealights for a Romantic Beach Escape


Photo Credit:  Amy's Smart Girls


Instead of using words, just go with your heart.  Let everyone know how you feel without saying anything.  To recreate this heart felt message, use our Lux Series rechargeable candles and some earth friendly recycled brown bags.

Surround a Private Beach Star Gazing Bungalow


Courtesy of:  FlickRiver


Enlighten your special someone with some quality time on the beach.  Set the romantic mood with a few candles and let the waves be your music.  To help recreate this romantic scenery, you should use our Onyx Stone candle holders and our Lux Series rechargeable candles.

Ground Breaking Illumination


 Courtesy of:  University of Nottingham


Having a large party using a lot of outdoor space?  Use what’s around you to inspire you.  Our Frosted Mason Jars with Stem and our Lux Series rechargeable candles can help you to recreate this illuminated scene on the ground. Use our remote to turn everything on and off at once. 

 Take the Path of Illumination

Courtesy of:  Zekkei


Check out this street aligned with candles to light the path of where you want people to go. It creates a scenery of what may look old and drab to something calming and intriguing.  You can use our Lux Series rechargeable candles and a clear candle holder to recreate this beautiful scene.

A Touch of Class on the Grass

Courtesy of:  Wedding Wire


This is so original and classy.  You don’t always have to have your candles aligned but jazz it up with some designs to make it unique.  We suggest creating this same design using our Lux Series rechargeable candle and our White Tumbler candle holders.

A Nice Night with this Light


 Courtesy of:  Mii Photos


Sometimes you just want a night out with your loved one where the ambiance is relaxing, romantic and comfortable.  To recreate this simple yet effective setup, use our Lux Series rechargeable candles in our Ivory Wax Luminary.