Here are just some of the raves from Facebook fans of The Amazing Flameless Candles. Let us know what you think of our candles at and your comment may appear in a future post!

“Ever since my beautiful little kitten accidentally walked over a lit candle and burned her fur, I have used nothing but flameless candles in my house. I stumbled across these candles months ago and love them, especially the remote controlled candles! How awesome!” – Marianne Hilgenberg-Ciolek

“We live in Alabama. Yesterday, we had torrential rain & lost power for several hours. My flameless candles literally saved the day! Not fun stumbling around in a dark house!” – Sharon Olive Williams

“I love these and am assured my cat won't knock it over and start a fire. So romantic, too.” –Sandy Lundberg-Marketich

“My favorites are the ones with the timers!” –Anna Maria Denner

“Great for camping. The kids can have them in the tent.” – Shelly Hoffman

“These candles are great, especially when the power goes off. I now sleep without worrying about a fire. I have 10.” – Midge Touw

“I have the remote ones at home and in the camper!” – Linda Franzwa

“Received my candle. I was so surprised how wonderful it smells!!!!!” – Kirsten Kimball