Do you have a space in your house that makes you feel heavy when you walk in? You can’t quite put a finger on it, but no matter how many times you swap out those throw pillows, you’re still not feeling the Zen you want to in that particular room. Luckily, there are a few easy and low-cost ways you can bring some life back into a dull, uninspired space. According to the ancient Chinese art of Feng shui, you can arrange your environment in such a way that balances your energy, helping to bring about health and good fortune. Try these four things and see if your room feels a bit more alive when you’re done.

Step 1: Declutter.

It’s time to do a spot of spring cleaning, no matter the month. Get rid of items that feel obtrusive. This could include stacks of papers and old mail, a shelf full of knick-knacks that have no purpose and baskets that simply act as containers for more clutter. Be gone, needless things.

Step 2: Add more green.

A few leafy green, potted plants added to the room can give it a whole new energy. In Feng shui, plants symbolize new beginnings. Plus, this dose of Mother Nature can help purify the air in the room. Breathing easier yet?

Step 3: Bring in the fire.

In Feng shui, candles represent the fire element and can invoke inspiration while helping to clear out any stress the room might hold. Fire is also thought to bring supportive energy to your career goals. Amazing Flameless Candles are great for adding a fire element to a room while also not releasing any harmful smoke or toxins. The rules of Feng shui dictate you should put candles anywhere except the eastern sector of your home—it’s thought to be bad luck.

Step 4: Soothe with sound.

Feng shui encourages silence in the home whenever possible, except for two soothing sounds—wind and water. Try adding a water element to your room, like a tabletop waterfall, or hang wind chimes outside a window. Ahhh …..