A beautiful centerpiece for you holiday table doesn't have to be difficult to make. Watch as we create a quick and easy DIY winter wonderland centerpiece.

It is the season to deck the halls with your wonderful holiday decor and make it shine bright. I'm your home styling expert, Lisa, and we are going to make a winter wonderland. 

Nothing's more inviting and says the holidays than candles. So we're going to pick out a wreath and anything that's your personal taste around your house, that fits your decor, is perfect. And then any type of glass jar or vessel -- I know, I have these at my house and it's filled with lemons, and now we're going to change it for the holidays. We're also going to be using ribbon like this, and we have this beautiful vase filler which are red glass beads. You can also use cranberries as a nice touch.

First thing we want to do is -- this is our white-knitted sweater candle. We're going to place it in our jar like this, and a wonderful tip is to cover your candle first and then put in your vase filler. Once we have our beads inside, we want to give it a little shake. This will evenly distribute all of our beads to make it look great -- and to secure the candle.

Then we want to use ribbon. This is wired ribbon, which is great because it will make and form that perfect bow. Now, we want to be able to shape our bow and make it look great. With our bow attached to our vase, we want to place it inside of our centerpiece. We always want to be conscious of color, and to make our candle pop, is we're using a red wreath, a green bow and then a white candle. Here, we've used our beaded bark candle which is gold, accompanied with our red wreath. Another option to capture the holiday magic, is with a classic cranberry colored candle. Smells like bayberry.

There you have it, a winter wonderland.