Make your Thanksgiving table shine. Get a few quick and simple ideas on how to create an amazing Thanksgiving tablescape.

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Video Transcript

Fall, food, and family gathered together brings the Thanksgiving feel for the holidays. I'm Lisa, your home styling expert, and I'm going to show you how to add warmth to your Thanksgiving tablescape. 

I come from a really large family, and during our Thanksgiving meal, we want to converse with each other and pass food back and forth freely, so it's important that our decorations enhance our experience. Just like we talked before in other videos, little collections at different heights can help us illuminate the space.

Add a grapevine wreath around a birch bark candle. Use a miniature pumpkin as a tea light holder, and if you want to learn how to make these, check out our blog. Instead of using a traditional candle stick, we're going to use popcorn kernels in a vase to support our tapered candle. 

First, pour popcorn kernels into a vase. Now that we have it filled about halfway full, wiggle our tapered candle into place. Place the candles on your tablescape, and sprinkle your fall foliage around. Now, wow your family with this amazing Thanksgiving tablescape.