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Frequently Asked Questions - Flameless Candle FAQs


General - Flameless Candle FAQs

General Information

What are the benefits of LED candles?

Where do we start? Most people find the greatest benefits to be the safetfy factors, the ease and convenience of operation and the reduced cost compared to traditional candles. The risk of open flames has cause many state and local governments to outlaw traditional candles inside public spaces and many families have removed them from their homes, creating a perfect opportunity for flameless candles.

Are LED candles environmentally safe?

Yes, or at least most so than using traditional open flame candles that release harmful toxins and oils into the air. Flameless candles last for years, meaning that you don't have to replace them constantly following use, which creates less waste.

Are flameless recyclable?

In accordance with any and all State toxic packaging acts, the company advises that all PVC packaging, batteries and paper inserts must be recycled in the appropriate manner or otherwise disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. For proper disposal information specific to your area, please contact the US EPA or your local recycling center.

Do you offer free shipping?

We do occasionally offer sales and promotions on our website that sometimes include free shipping offers. On a regular basis, free shipping is only available to customers purchasing large orders meant for re-distribution or retail. If you are interested in inquiring about placing a larger flameless candle order, please contact

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General - Flameless Candle FAQs

Company Information

How long have you been in business?

The Amazing Flameless Candle was founded in 2010 by a handful of individuals in the consumer products arena specializing in evolving very traditional, commonplace products with new technology to create new applications that otherwise had never been considered. Prior to starting the candle company, the core investor group pioneered electronic cigarettes in the United States.

Were you the original flameless candle?

Unfortunately we cannot make that claim. However, if you consider that Steve Jobs didn't invent the MP3 player or the smartphone and yet the iPod and iPhone have each had a pretty good run, we think we are in a good position.

What makes your candles the best?

We'll try to make this brief. For our battery operated wax candles, we focus on creating a more design-centric candle than what has ever been done with the flameless candles, doing more with texture, color, fragrance, paint and unique stylings. Our rechargeable candles on the other hand offer patented designs and systems that ensure our candles are brighter, more durable, last longer and charge more thoroughly than any other candle on the market. Whereas our competitors products fade throughout a shift and need to be replaced after only a few months, ours stay bright and last for years, ensuring you fully maximize convenience, ambiance and return on investment.

Are you sold at any retailers?

Yes. We do have several key retail partners where you can purchase our products including Kohl's, Nordstrom, Cracker Barrel, Kmart and others. We also suppose many private-label programs of popular websites and catalogs. Most of the items you find at each of these outlets are unique to the retailer themselves and can only be found there. Many other styles are available both year round and seasonally on our website.

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General - Flameless Candle FAQs

Warranty Information

How long do you warranty your products?

This really depends on the product itself as our different lines of candles have different warranties ranging from 3 months to 2 years. You can read details here: Warranty Details. We do stand behind how products, however. If you are having troubles with one of our candles, please contact us and we will do our best to take care of you whether within or outside of the stated warranty period.

Will your replace candles bought at retail?

The best option here is to return the candles to the location you purchased them from. This allows us to track any product or supply issues that may exist. We also support our retail partners to handle issues like these directly. If returning them to the retailer is truly not an option, feel free to contact us and we will help as best we are able to.

What if my candle melted?

We do not warranty our wax candles against melting. If you have a real wax flameless candle, you can't leave it in temperatures over 90 degrees F for any amount of time and never in direct sunlight, regardless of temperature. Wax softens quicker than you might realize. If you believe your candle(s) melted under normal conditions, please contact us so we can help address any issues that may exist.

What is your return policy?

The return policy is really based on the warranty of each particular item. Please review the warranty information stated above, as well as our official return policy here.

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Rechargeable - Flameless Candle FAQs

Rechargeable Candles

What is the difference between the different series?

We currently have 3 different series of rechargeable candles. Our Performance Series is our latest technology featuring a stronger connecting to the charging station, more durable build, waterproof construction and the ability to turn the candle on and off at the top. The Classic Series, our most popular line to date, has the same light brightness and battery life as the Performance Series, but uses a pin and socket charger, similar to a headphone jack on your phone. After a few years, that connection will weaken, which is which we upgraded it in the Performance Series. The Cafe Series is the introductory value set for most cost-conscious customers, as well as consumers. It's loaded with value adds of daily timers, remote and adjustable light brightness, but the construction of the candle just won't have the same life as our more premium candles.

Why don't the Classic and Performance Series have a remote?

We generally don't recommend the use of a remote, at least with rechargeable candles in restaurants, hotels and similar venues. It is best to get in the routine of returning the candles to their charging base every night so they can power up for the next day. If you simply turn them off with a remote, you will lose track of the last time you charged them and risk having candles dim or burn out during the evening. Additionally, remotes tend to get lost and once it is gone, you will either lose the benefits of it or have to keep replacing the remote.

What is the total live expectancy of these candles?

It depends on which series you purchase, but we generally say 4-5 years for the Performance Series, 3-4 years for the Classic Series and 1-2 years for the Cafe Series. It will really depend on how you take care of them and how they are treated in your environment. We have some Classic Series candles that have been in daily use for nearly 10 years!

Do you sell through restaurant supply dealers?

Yes. If you prefer to purchase through a national broadliner or your local dealer, most should be able to fulfill our products. Please make sure to ask for us by name as not all flameless candles are created equally and you don't want to mess with the hassle of replacing lesser candles every few months. If your local dealer hasn't yet worked with us, contact us we happily connect with them directly so we ensure a smooth ordering process.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Our candles are used all over the world, ranging from Caribbean resorts, luxury hotels throughout Asia and the Middle East and independent restaurants and pubs in Europe. Not to mention we are on-board every major cruiseline! Let us know where you need our candles and we will make it happen.

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Wax Candle - Flameless Candle FAQs

Wax Flameless Candles

What is the battery life of the candles?

Battery life on flameless candles varies by type of candle, brightness of the light and type and number of batteries used. Most of our pillar candles require four (4) AA batteries (usually not included) with a total battery life of approximately 450 hours. Taper candles take two (2) AAA batteries lasting about 250 hours and both tea lights and votives come with CR2032 batteries lasting between 100-150 hours each. As with many things, in buying batteries, you get what you pay for. Using Duracell batteries will last longer than using off-brand or store-brand batteries. If your candle uses a remote, it is best to turn the candle in the "Off" position at the bottom of the candle if you aren't going to be using it for a while. Leaving it in the "On" position, even if you turn it off with a remote, will still drain the battery as the candle listens passively for another remote command.

How long does the fragrance last?

Candles that are scented have fragrance oils included in the wax. Since LED candles product no heat, the fragrance is cold released from the wax and will not be a strong or room-filling fragrance. The fragrance will also both dissipate over time and absorbs surrounding scents in the air. To increase the life of the fragrance, clean the candles with a damp towel.

Do the candles or LED light produce heat?

No. While the candle glow and pulsating flicker creates warm and relaxing environment, the wattage of the LED bulb itself is too low to produce any heat and the bulb will remain cool to the touch even after hours of use.

Can the candles be used outdoors?

It is not recommended that wax candles - flameless or traditional - be used outside given the tendency of wax to melt. Even if the temperatures are cool, the impact of direct sunlight on wax will cause candles to soften and warp. Using wax candles only indoors are recommended.

How long do the candles last?

The LED bulbs used inside the candles will last around 100,000 hours of active use, meaning it is likely you will never use the entire life of the candle and you will never need to replace the candle bulb, only the batteries.

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Outdoor Candles - Flameless Candle FAQs

Outdoor Candles & Lanterns

Is there any risk of these candles melting?

No. Each candle is made of a high quality plastic and finished with a non-melting coating that not only protects the finish of the candle, but provides a silky smooth texture that makes it look and feel like a real wax candle.

Are the outdoor resin candles waterproof?

They are water resistant, not waterproof. They are certainly plenty safe to leave outside in the rain, however, if the water starts to pool where the candle is resting in standing water, it is best to remove it for risk of water damage to the battery compartment and internal wiring.

Are the wood and metal lanterns ok to leave outdoors?

We generally recommend a covered patio for all lanterns seeing how full exposure to the elements is a bit harsher on wood and metal than it is to plastic. These items can certainly get wet and will be durable, but their total live and appearance may be diminished if they are exposed to full weather over time.

Do the outdoor candles and lanterns work on a remote?

Yes. Each will work with our universal remote to turn the candles on and off. However, the outdoor candles and lanterns don't use all of the functions of the remote including the dimmer option, candle vs static light and timer options. The timer on each of these candles is a standard 6-hour daily timer.

What kind of battery do they take and how long does it last?

Each candle requires two (2) C batteries that will last at least 750 hours of continuous use. Depending on the quality of the battery, you can often see more than 1,000 hours of battery life, but the light brightness will naturally dim as the battery gets weaker.

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