Flameless Votive Candles – The Amazing Flameless Candle

Flameless Votive Candles

Beautiful, yet versatile, these flameless votive candles create an understated accent to your table setting, bookshelf, or just about anywhere. Historically coming in pairs, our new vvotive sets come packaged as a true value with three candles and universal remote control, enhancing their function and convenience. Each votive comes equipped with two CR2032 batteries allowing for up to 200 hours of battery life and an on-board 5-hour daily timer.

Cost Savings Calculator

Switching to flameless candles for your business is a quick way to save money, not to mention time. Insert a few quick details to determine what your 5-year savings could look like.

over the first 5 years by swapping your current tabletop lighting solution to The Amazing Flameless Candle rechargeable tea lights.


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