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Café Series Rechargeable Tea Light Collection

Café Series Rechargeable Tea Light Collection

Our most affordable rechargeable candle system

Smaller budgets seeking a quality tabletop lighting have rejoiced at the site (and price) of our Café Series rechargeable candle system. At a price well below the cost of most rechargeable tea lights, this set is packed with value and extra features like a daily timer and included remote control, making them the best solution for venues not looking to invest so heavily in a candle system. The most economical way to purchase the Café Series is to buy a starter set that includes the candles, charging base and power transformer all in a single bundle.

Use the remote to control the 4, 6 or 8-hour daily timer option, increase the brightness or softness of the light and, of course, turn the candles on and off. The classic, flame-shaped light produces a natural amber glow and flicker and the simple and elegant body construction works with nearly even possible candle holder, lamp or luminary.

The charging station features an induction power transfer allowing for the easiest connection of any rechargeable candle system. Simply place the candle on the charger at any it starts charging - no pins, locks or chords. You can also easily tether up to four (4) charging stations together using only a single wall outlet!

Looking to upgrade to a higher quality rechargeable candle system? Check out our Performance Series and Classic Series, featuring a two year and one year warranty, respectively.

Candle Features

Cafe Series Rechargeable Candle Features

Light Colors

Café Series Rechargable Candle Colors

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Café Series Rechargable Tea Light Set

Introducing our Cafe Series rechargeable tea lights. The Cafe Series is our most affordable rechargeable tea light solution designed to fit any budget. We don't recommend this system for the commercial restaurant environment due to it's less durable construction.  Each Cafe...

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Café Series Rechargeable Candles (Case of 6)

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