Basic Candle Holders – The Amazing Flameless Candle

Basic Candle Holders

Flameless Candle Holders & Lamps

Glass or acrylic (plastic) candle holders come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Below are a few of our more basic - also our most popular - candle holders for restaurants, bars, night clubs and spas. Mixing and matching the colors of the candle holder with the light color of our premium rechargeable candles will create vastly different looks, but generally the red holders looks best with red lights, blue holders look best with blue lights, orange and amber holders look best with yellow lights and the white frosted candle holders look most natural with cream or warm white lights. Each of our candle holders has been designed to perfectly diffuse the light of our flameless candle and sized to fit nicely on most restaurant table and bar tops without overpowering the setting. Your patrons will be entranced by the warm glow of candle light and not overwhelmed by an artificial distraction.


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