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  • How Flameless Candles Help When Hurricanes Hit

    Posted on

    Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, flooding entire towns. More than 8.5 million homes lost power from Maine to Maryland, but nowhere was the loss of light more profoundly apparent...
  • Bathroom Bliss with Flameless Candles

    Posted on

    Candlelight has a soothing effect, especially in bathrooms. Whether you are preparing to take on your day or reflecting on the one that has just passed, a candle’s glow brings...
  • Dorm Room Decoration

    Posted on

    Like school flags, art posters, photo collages and mini fridges, candles are a classic college room staple. However, use or possession of candles is prohibited in most residence halls because...
  • Candlelit Walkways with Flameless Luminarias

    Posted on

    Candles foster a celebratory mood, and there is no better way to welcome guests during the holidays than with their radiant glow. Dinner tables, mantels and windows are traditionally adorned...


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