Happy customers great bar atmosphere

In 2019, creating a fun and unique atmosphere full of character and flavor has never been more important. This is because now more than ever, people are putting emphasis on photo-worthy environments to help create a memorable experience for their night out. The following are some easy ways you can improve your atmosphere in 2019 in order to make sure your guests always come back for more.


Funky and Bold Colors

White walls with bland fixtures is not going to cut it anymore. What will? Colors. Be funky, bold and smart with your colors. There is plenty of science out there that prove different colors have different effects on people and their moods.  Studies show that colors can even affect appetite. For example, warm colors like red, generally enhance appetite while cool colors, like blue, suppress it.  An added bonus of having a great color scheme at your bar, is that it can lead to more guest photos and social media posts. That means free organic marketing for your bar or nightclub #Winning


Eye-catching Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial, and most overlooked elements to creating a great atmosphere. You want your guests to see the light, but don’t blind them. First take a look at your ambient lighting. This is the main source of light in your bar. Try recessed lighting or industrial pendent lights for a modern look, and make sure to install dimmers if you haven’t already. Now it’s time to take a good look at your decorative lighting. This has the power to make, or break your atmosphere. These lights will personalize your environment, help give it some character, and encourage guests comfortability. Look into adding some table top lighting using fairy lights or candles. Table top lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways you can completely transform your atmosphere, improve your guests’ experience, and encourage longer stays.


Upbeat Music

Did you know music has been linked to improved drink sales?  A recent study shows that upbeat songs spark happiness in listeners and that faster-paced music makes people consume food and drinks faster.  So, if you want to increase drink sales, try speeding up the beats per minute slightly. Live music is another great way to enhance your atmosphere and draw a larger crowd. Try to find up-and-coming bands or DJ’s with a loyal following so you can be sure to see an ROI on their performance.


One-of-a-kind Service

That’s right, customer service is still the make-or-break of an incredible atmosphere. Look for ways to make your service stand out and be one-of-a-kind. During the slow-periods, encourage your staff to get to know your guests on a personal level. When things are busy and the music gets loud, all it takes is a simple smiley face and hand-written “thank you” on the receipt to add that sought-after personal touch. Sometimes simply remembering exactly what their last drink order was and asking if they’d like another if enough to make people feel remembered and cared for. Making your guests feel happy and cared for above all else is the sure-fire way to improve your atmosphere more than any colors, lighting or live music could. However, combine all of these elements together, and you’re sure to create a remarkable atmosphere this year.