You might call tea light candles the swiss army knives of decorating: they’re compact, convenient and can be used countless ways. When powered by batteries, their utility takes on a whole new level – they’re longer lasting and safe for use alongside greenery. So stock up and make this holiday season your brightest ever with these tea light candle decorating tips:

  • On the tree: Did you know, all those strands of twinkling lights on Christmas trees were inspired by real candles as ornamentation, a tradition dating back centuries? Candles for the tree were originally glued with melted wax to a tree branch or attached by pins. In the late 1800s, candleholders were first used for Christmas candles, and between 1902 and 1914, small lanterns and glass balls to hold the candles started to be used. Frequent fires and destruction from their flames tapered use and spurred the invention of electric Christmas tree lighting in their place. However, nothing compares to the flickering beauty of actual candles on the tree. And that’s where flameless tealights come in. All your antique and vintage-inspired ornaments meant to accommodate real tealights will be better served by the flameless version. And all of those old fashioned candle holders and clips reminiscent of bygone eras? Put them back in action – just use a flameless tealight candle instead.
  • On holiday wreaths: Just as candles were intended for the tree, so they were for the wreath. How amazing would a front door Christmas wreath look with actual flaming lights? Add candle clips (available at craft and superstores) to your wreath and rest our wickless, battery operated tealight candles inside. Talk about an entrance!
  • In the gingerbread house: You spend hours slathering it in icing and affixing those peppermint candy windows just so…and then it just sits there. Use your lovingly crafted gingerbread house as a centerpiece. Just stick a couple flameless tealight candles inside! Our candles are wickless so there’s no wax clean up (the house is still edible) and it won’t melt the interiors. What a delicious idea!

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