Your mom is a special lady who has no doubt spent many an hour of her life making you PB&Js and washing your smelly socks, among many other mom-jobs. This Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11, think about giving her a heartfelt, handmade gift (that doesn’t involve dried macaroni). A gift that says, “I thought about this for more than five minutes because I know you have enough slipper socks and monogrammed coffee cups to last you into the next millennium.” Candles are always a great go-to gift option—they’re pretty, they smell nice, they add a lovely ambiance to any room and they’re less expensive than a Mercedes. But, to really take a candle to the next level, consider personalizing it with one of these easy DIY tricks.

For the Flower-Loving Mom: The Rose Petal Candle. This sweet and petal-covered candle requires only three things: an Amazing Flameless Candle, like the Smooth Ivory Flameless Pillar; a bag of faux rose petals that you can find at any craft store and a glue gun. Simply place a dot of glue on the bottom of each petal and adhere directly to the outside of the candle, starting at the bottom. Work your way around and up the candle so they form overlapping layers, just like on a rose. Since The Amazing Flameless Candles use LED light technology, they won’t get hot and you don’t have to worry about a fire risk or a glue-melting incident later on. Add a gift tag and a ribbon for extra flair and you’re good to go.

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For the Mom Who Loves Cute, Tiny Things: Washi Tape Tealights.

Does your mom collect miniature spoons, thimbles or kittens? Then she’s sure to love these adorable washi tape tealights. What is washi tape, you wonder? It’s like masking tape, but prettier, and comes in lots of different patterns and colors. You can find it at most craft stores, on or at And, it’s the perfect width to fit around The Amazing Flameless Candle Tea Lights. Simply wrap the tape around the candle and cut to fit. Give her a collection of these in her favorite colors and she’ll be tickled to arrange them on a shelf or bedside table. Plus, the LED light technology will burn for up to 10 years! (But yes, you still have to get her another gift next year.)

For the Crafty Mom Who Knits Mittens for You: Yarn Candles. Your knitwear-loving mom will love these yarn candles for their cuteness and their reflection of her favorite craft. All you need is some yarn, a glue gun and a few small Amazing Flameless Candles with a smooth surface, like the Smooth Beeswax Flameless Candle Votives. No candleholder necessary because you won’t run any fire hazard risk with a flameless candle. Simply glue the yarn directly to the candle, starting at the bottom, dotting on glue as you go up and around. Add one more string of yarn, tied in a bow in the middle of the candle, as your final touch. A few of these in different colors makes an adorable gift and—bonus—she won’t be able to unglue the yarn and reuse it to make you any more hats.


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