If you’re looking for a new twist on the Easter egg—though the $1.99 dying kits will never get old, let’s be honest—then try out this crafty DIY projects that use The Amazing Flameless Candles. You even get to pull out the power drill! They’re perfect to add to your table in time for Easter.

[Photo: DIY-Wooden Egg.jpg. Photo credit: hellolidy.com.]

This cute egg idea comes from a crafty blog called hellolidy.com. All you need are a few wooden eggs (you can find them at most craft stores), a paint of your choice and something to apply it (brush or sponge), a drill and a few Smooth Flameless Taper Candles. Start by painting the eggs in any way that makes you happy. You can dip them, stripe them, polka-dot them or cover them completely. You don’t have to worry about open flames near the paint (or wood) since The Amazing Flameless Candles use LED lights and not fire. Once the paint is completely dried, choose a drill bit the same width as the bottom of your taper (a 3/4” one will probably work). Drill about an inch down into the top of the egg. Flip on on your flameless taper, insert into the egg and display away!

Creating a Tablescape

Your new egg taper holders would go great on an Easter tablescape pared with a few Glittered Layered White Flameless Pillar Candles. The gorgeous white ruched texture says spring to us, and since you don’t have to worry about any sort of fire hazard, you can use these candles to surround bouquets of fresh lilies or tulips, or use faux green grass from your craft store to surround their bases.