Christmas is a holiday filled with perplexing but fantastic traditions like bringing a tree inside your house and putting it up in your living room, adding little twinkling lights to every surface of your home and making more cookies in a month than your family could eat in two lifetimes. This is why we love the holidays. As you plan your attack of Christmasy décor this season, keep in mind that open flame candles can pose a fire hazard, especially around the drying branches of an evergreen tree (real or fake). The National Fire Protection Association reports an average of 230 home fires occur each year as a result of a Christmas tree going up in flames, with 18 percent of these fires starting because there was a heat source, such as a candle, too close to the tree. Why not try swapping open flame candles for the much safer option of Amazing Flameless Candles this year? Try out one of these ideas using Amazing Flameless Candles around the holidays:


  • In lieu of starting a real fire in the fireplace (which can be dangerous when wrapping paper if flying hither and thither Christmas morning), fill your hearth with various sizes of the Birch Bark Flameless Candles. With flickering lights, real wax and safe, LED lights that last some 450 hours, you’ll have all the ambiance of a warm, Christmas fire with none of the worry.
  • Put a small Ivory Flameless Votive in a glass jar and fill three-quarters of the way full with red and white peppermint candies, holiday chocolate kisses (wrapped!) or a collection of red and green buttons. These are a cute and easy decoration for around the house, and here’s no risk of anything melting, or anyone getting burned should they not be able to resist dipping in to steal a candy.
  • Easy kid craft: Create tiny snowmen decorations by recycling your leftover glass jars (think baby food, spaghetti sauce, etc.—just soak to remove label and wash thoroughly). Put a small dollop of white craft paint in each, screw on the lid tightly and shake until the inside of the jar is completely white. Then, using black craft paint or stickers, add a “coal” mouth and eyes. Use orange craft paint or stickers to create a nose. Once completely dry, switch on a Battery Operated Tea Light Candle and place inside to let your snowman glow.