LED Candles, Electric Candles, Battery Powered Candles, Flameless Candles; what ever you want to call them, if you haven’t bought your first yet or you just want to tell your friends about them, here are some of the top reasons to use flameless candles.

  1. Made of Wax - Flameless candles are made of the same wax as flamed candles. They are just as beautiful and come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, colors, patterns and textures.
  2. Scented and Unscented - If you love the smell candles produce, you’ll love flameless scented candles. Or, if you use candles as decorations only, pick flameless unscented candles.
  3. No Fire Risk - According to the National Fire Protection Association, flamed candles cause 7% of home fire injuries and 5% of home fire deaths. Why take the risk?
  4. Easy to Turn On/Off - All of The Amazing Flameless Candle™ products have an on-off switch. Some models also carry timers so you can set when you want your candles to turn on and off automatically. Or you can opt for our remote ready candles so you can use a remote control to turn multiple candles on or off with one touch.
  5. Adjustable Flicker and Light - You can increase or decrease the flicker rate of a flameless candle, and also adjust the light intensity depending on your mood and occasion. One more reason a flameless candle is better than a traditional candle, which has a mind of its own when it comes to flicker and light.
  6. No Melting, No Mess - You know people who don’t ever light their conventional decorative candles, right? Maybe you’re one of them! What a tragedy to melt something so beautiful. And what a mess to clean up afterwards.  With the flameless candle, it never melts or messes. Enjoy it all the time!
  7. Long Lasting - Did you know that the LED inside our flameless candles last 100,000 hours! If you used your candles from 7 pm to 11 pm each night, the LED would last for 25,000 days or 68 years! And since it never melts, chances are you’ll be enjoying our flameless candles for years to come, making them a great investment compared to traditional candles that melt and are thrown away.

Do you own flameless candles? If so, what do you think are the best reasons to use flameless candles? Share your thoughts in the comments below.