Candles are a classic Valentine’s Day decoration. But with flameless candle sets you can make the occasion infinitely more romantic. Our candles are safer because they’re battery-operated without a flame to mind – so you can focus on making sparks with your Valentine instead. Here are a few creative concepts to set the mood with flameless candles this Valentine’s Day:

  • Lover’s Trail. Use flameless votive or pillar candles to light a pathway for your partner. Blogger Lindsay Pietroluongo, elaborates: “You can have this pathway lead to a surprise, like an evening picnic or a bubble bath. You can also create a scavenger hunt for your partner, leading up to a grand prize at the end or a few small, fun surprises throughout the hunt. Use candles to point to the areas where your loved one should be looking for their next surprise or clue.”
  • Heart of Love Picnic. Create the shape of a huge heart using red flameless candles. Bring oversized pillows and comfortable blankets inside the heart and set the stage for a picnic to share together. Pack a basket with nice linens, utensils and nibbles like champagne, strawberries, almonds and chocolate. They’re common aphrodisiacs and aren’t too messy for the floor, either.
  • Candlelit Bath for Two. We’ve shared our tips on channeling bathroom bliss with flameless candles. But a bath for two takes it one step further. Start by lining your bath with our scented flameless candles. The sublime scents of Cinnamon, Honeysuckle, Mandarin Spice, Bayberry and Breeze are available in assorted candle sizes and styles – so pick your favorite. Fill the tub, switch them on and watch them twinkle along the water’s surface. Play some quiet sultry tunes and you have a dreamy, relaxing, romantic night to remember.
  • Beautiful Bedroom. No matter where your Valentine’s Day starts, it will likely end here. So make the setting special. Clean up. Wash and dry your linens so that they’re still toasty that evening. Sprinkle rose petals around and on top of the bed. We recommend swinging by the florist and asking for ‘seconds’ – that is, roses that are already fully bloomed, since you’ll only be using them for their petals. Place flameless candles all over the room – on the dresser, the night tables, bookshelves and on the floor. The effect is mesmerizing and utterly romantic, like a galaxy of glittering stars shining for you and your Valentine.