A marriage proposal is one of life’s defining events. So make it memorable. Here we share a few creative ways to propose with our flameless pillar candles, some alternatives to the unity candle at the wedding, and everything in between:


  • Treasure trail. Similar to our Valentine’s Day Lover’s Trail, use flameless votive or pillar candles to light a pathway for your partner. This time the treasure at the end is very real: the engagement ring. Make a circle or heart around the ring with flameless votives.
  • Spell it out. There’s nothing quite so romantic as a larger than life proposal. One of our favorite ideas is spelling out the words ‘Will You Marry Me’ for your loved one to discover. Buy a few dozen flameless votive candles and spell it out in gigantic letters in the backyard or courtyard near your home. Switch on the candles before she comes home and casually bring her to the window to overlook the message. The last thing you need to worry about when planning a proposal is a fire hazard, and these candles can stay lit for hours until the moment arrives.
  • Return to your favorite place or the place you first met. Whether it’s a hiking trail, a city park, or the special table at your local pub, have a few goodies at the ready for when your partner says yes. Our tealight candles are compact and easily transportable, so you can create an elegant and romantic setting right on the spot. We suggest a single rose as the finishing touch.
  • Personalize with color. Red Flameless Candles symbolize love and passion, but we offer a variety of colors and styles to suit your partner’s interests. Gold or silver is ideal if your proposal is opulent and refined. White is perfect if your significant other enjoys a pure, understated look. Our exclusive birch flameless candles resembling tree bark look incredible in a woodsy setting, while our Ikat designer series celebrate the colorful, festive look of far-flung travel locales. The possibilities are endless depending upon your partner’s favorite colors and the location you choose to propose.
  • The Legacy Candle. Once the deal has been sealed and the wedding is upon you, reuse your proposal candles at the celebration. Flameless candles last for years, so you can have that one special pillar or taper candle that was at the scene of your engagement, wedding, anniversaries and beyond. Talk about a legacy!
  • Alternatives to the Unity Candle. Brides and grooms these days are coming up with unique ways of incorporating both their families into the ceremony. As an alternative to the unity candle, we like a pillar size flameless candle encircled by votive flameless candles placed by family members of the bride and groom, signifying the unity and support of both sides. We also like the idea of giving each person at the wedding a taper candle to switch on at the time of the vow exchange. The sea of light is a spectacular to behold – but more importantly, it marks the significance of the exchange and their witness to the vows. Afterward, guests can place their candles in holders at the celebration.