Different countries have different foods and customs, but the significance of the Christmas dinner is universal. It is a celebratory meal that brings us together - a time to eat, drink and be merry. So naturally, the table decoration must set the tone – and flameless candles are key.

Made from real wax, just like traditional molds, the difference between our battery candles and those with real flames is nearly undetectable. But the benefits are obvious. First and foremost, the fire hazard is kept at bay. Have you ever been to a Christmas dinner where the douglas fir centerpiece goes up in flames from a candle? We have. Not only are your centerpieces kept out of harm’s way, but so are your sleeves. Between passing the ham, sweet potatoes, Christmas cookies and red wine, plates, bottles and hands are zigzagging across the table, coming into close contact with candles. With wickless candles, you need not worry about catching fire. Same goes for your table cloth. Countless tables – and their beautiful embroidered cloths– are ruined every year from burns or hot wax dripping off lit candles. Not if you use our Amazing Flameless Candles.

So gather your favorite holiday luminarias, candelabras and centerpieces. Deck them with our flameless tealight candles, votive candles and pillar candles. Each style is available in several sizes, and assorted shades– so your Christmas decorating traditions can be continued, albeit more safely! And if you’re seeking some fresh ideas for setting the table with flameless candles this holiday, here are some tips:

  • Invest in a candle chandelier. Flameless tea light or votive candles are the best bet. An illuminated candle chandelier looks rich, regal and enhances the entire room, not just the table it presides over. Plus there’s no dripping wax to mind, either.
  • Wrap cinnamon sticks around our pillar candles. Hot glue them around the candle and fasten with twine. Set them on the table at desert to signal the arrival of sweets.
  • Create a crate and pine Christmas centerpiece with mason jars. Set jars in the crate, place tea light candles within jars, and generously surround the jars in the crate with pine, holly and berries.
  • For a quick, minimalist look, line wine glasses or assorted stemware across the table and place flameless tea lights inside.