DIY Project: Flameless Tea light Marquee Sign

Step 1 Choose your favorite font and print out stencils of your letters (U, S and A). To do this you can use your favorite text editor or design software (Microsoft word, notepad, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop etc.). A helpful hint to know how big your letter will be when printed is that there are 72 points in 1 inch, so 1080 point font will give you a 15 inch high letter. You can also get your letter stencils printed at an office supply or copy store if your print can’t print the size you want. Another option is to check your local craft store for premade paper stencils.

Step 2 Trace your letter stencil on to 1/8″ foam core board. Once you’ve traced your letter onto the foam core board use a utility knife to cut out your letter. Step 3Use a screwdriver or our utility knife (I recommend the screwdriver) to poke holes into the middle of the foam core board letter. Try to space the holes for the flameless tea lights evenly.

Step 4 Cut 3”wide strips of poster board. These will go around each letter and will help them to stand. Use a hot glue gun and run a strip of glue down the center of the poster board. While the glue is still hot on the poster board wrap it around the edges of the letter. Once your letters are wrapped in the poster board and the glue is cooled, use caulk to help adhere and hide any imperfections or gaps that may have happened while cutting out your letter.

Step 5 Once the caulk is dry its time to spray paint your letters. Since this is for the 4th of July I’ve used red, white (since the poster board is already white you could opt not to use white but the spray paint will help hide any marks) and blue.

Step 6 Once the spray paint has dried, take your tea lights and poke them through the holes in the front of letters first and then poke them through the back. This will help keep the front looking good. The great part about using the flameless tea lights for this project is that you don’t have to worry about wires or electricity and because they are LED's they wont get hot. Now just turn your tea lights on and enjoy the compliments on your new Flameless candle marquee sign.

4th of july flameless candle marquee sign