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Lead Re-Assignment Request

Lead Re-Assignment

If you have received an automated email indicating that you are now the owner of a lead to follow-up on and it should be assigned to someone else on your team, please review the information on this page and supply us with the correct rep's name, email address and phone number within your organization that should be responsible for connecting with this prospect. We will send that person an automated introduction email with the lead's contact information and follow-up with them directly.

If you believe you have received this request in error and are not responsible for the territory in which this lead originates, please insert into the fields the following information:

  • Rep First Name: "House"
  • Rep Last Name: "Account"
  • Rep Company: "TAFC"
  • Rep Email: "error@flamelesscandles.com"
  • Rep Phone: "123"

Lead Details

Rep Details


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