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Flameless Candle Holders & Lamps

Elevating your ambiance involves more than just the light you choose to put on your table or bar top. While our premium rechargeable candles will no doubt instantly upgrade your environment, selecting the right holder, lamp or luminary for them will maximize their impact, creating a special occasion for each of your customers. Choose from our glass and acrylic lamps or real wax luminaries, each designed to work perfectly with the extra bright light of our premium rechargeable tea light candles and featuring a frosted finish ideally suited to diffuse the candle light and ensure your patrons are not distracted by an artificial LED light, but entranced by the warm glow of the candles natural flicker.

Not seeing the style you're looking for? We can help. Ask us about our custom candle holders so we can help turn your vision into reality. 

Onyx Stone Holder (Case of 6)

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